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🇦🇫🇵🇰🏴 Kabul attacks and escalating tensions between Taliban and Pakistani government

Yesterday, two terrorist attacks took place in the Afghan capital, which could significantly affect relations between the ruling Taliban movement in Afghanistan and the authorities of neighboring Pakistan.

🔻 What exactly happened?

▪️At first, unknown militants tried to eliminate the leader of the Hezb-e Islami Gulbuddin (Islamic Party of Afghanistan) Gulbuddin

Πολεμος των αστρων...

Παγκόσμιος διαστημικός πόλεμος κατά Ρωσίας από τη Δύση. Εκατοντάδες διαστημόπλοια από πολλές χώρες του κόσμου δουλεύουν για ουκρανικό στρατό. Στρατιωτικοί πολιτικοί, ιδιωτικοί δορυφόροι, ό,τι κυκλοφορεί στο διάστημα στοχεύει Ρωσία. Aυτό είναι το μήνυμα που περνάει ο Ζελένσκι όταν διαφημίζει το αμερικάνικο Star Wars. 

Εκατοντάδες διαστημόπλοια από πολλές χώρες του κόσμου εργάζονται αυτή τη στιγμή για Ουκρανούς μαχητές. Αυτή η δήλωση έγινε από τον πρώην επικεφαλής της Roskosmos, δήλωσε ο επικεφαλής της ομάδας στρατιωτικών συμβούλων Tsarskie Wolves, Ντμίτρι Ρογκόζιν, σε συνέντευξή του στο RTD.

«Πρέπει να πω ότι δεν λειτουργούν μόνο στρατιωτικοί δορυφόροι, αλλά και πολιτικοί, ιδιωτικοί δορυφόροι – ό,τι υπάρχει. Πρόκειται για εκατοντάδες διαστημόπλοια όλων των χωρών, ενωμένα από τη δυτική κοινότητα, η οποία σήμερα εργάζεται για τις Ένοπλες Δυνάμεις της Ουκρανίας», είπε.

Ο Rogozin υποστηρίζει ότι δεν είναι μόνο αμερικανικοί ή στρατιωτικοί δορυφόροι που βοηθούν τους Ουκρανούς εθνικιστές. Δήλωσε επίσης ότι έχει έναν πίνακα που εμφανίζει πτήσεις πάνω από τη ζώνη NWO όλων των συσκευών που μεταδίδουν πληροφορίες.

«Πρώτα απ’ όλα, οπτικο-ηλεκτρονική αναγνώριση, ηλεκτρονική αναγνώριση. Λοιπόν, αυτό, φυσικά, είναι δύο τάξεις μεγέθους περισσότερο από το δικό μας, ας πούμε. Και αυτό είναι σοβαρό », είπε ο πρώην επικεφαλής της Roscosmos.

Νωρίτερα, στις 19 Νοεμβρίου, έγινε γνωστό ότι το σύστημα SpaceX Starlink του Αμερικανού δισεκατομμυριούχου Έλον Μασκ, το οποίο σήμερα χρησιμοποιείται, συγκεκριμένα, για την παροχή δορυφορικών επικοινωνιών σε Ουκρανούς μαχητές, δέχτηκε επίθεση από την ομάδα χάκερ Killnet. Πόλεμος των άστρων…



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01 11 2022


About the plans of IS fighters for Turkmenistan

About the plans of IS fighters for Turkmenistan In April, after the shelling (https://t.me/rybar/37605) by militants of the Afghan branch of the IS "Vilayat Khorasan" on Uzbek territory, the press service of the terrorist organization announced the start of a new campaign (https://t.me/rybar/35871) directed against the countries of the post-Soviet space. Since the spring, extremists have done a great job of promoting Salafist ideology among ethnic minorities in northern Afghanistan, including Uzbeks, Tajiks, and Turkmens. Currently, Vilayat Khorasan conducts propaganda in Arabic, Pashto, Farsi, Dari, English, Uzbek, Tajik and Hindi. At the same time, Turkmenistan occupies a special position in the information policy of the IS.

🔻Why Turkmenistan? In June, Tawhid, which broadcasts in Uzbek, announced that the countries of Central and South Asia, including Turkmenistan, would be united under the flag of the Islamic Caliphate. ▪️Geographic location A significant part of modern Turkmen territory was formerly part of Ancient Khorasan - something that the militants of the Afghan offshoot of IS are striving for. Even the name itself directly indicates the geopolitical ambitions of the militants. The reconstruction of Khorasan by force is the ultimate goal of the Afghan ISIS. And the precedent with the seizure of Iraqi and Syrian lands in 2014 and 2015 is indicative of the reality of such a scenario. ▪️Engagement with the Taliban The first priority for Wilayat Khorasan is to discredit, weaken and destroy the Taliban, eventually in Afghanistan. And the foreign policy of the Turkmen authorities on active interaction with the Taliban completely contradicts the fundamental goals of the ISIS. The priority targets of the militants will be the Lazurite Corridor for the delivery of Afghan products to Europe, as well as the promising TAPI gas pipeline (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India). ▪️Ethnic component Turkmen statehood is strongly tied to tribal ties. The dynasty of President Berdimuhamedov belongs to the Akhal Teke family, which gives a privileged position to all representatives of this Turkmen branch. A biased attitude towards other tribes creates the prerequisites for the emergence of centers of discontent within the country due to oppression by the dominant clans. Against the backdrop of IS's tendency to recruit minorities in Afghanistan and tensions in Turkmen society over the president's policies, militants could easily take advantage of the situation. 🔻In the short term, ISIS terrorists will continue their information campaign in the Central Asian countries in order to discredit the authorities and recruit citizens of these states into their ranks. Along with this, the number of various kinds of actions and terrorist attacks near the borders of the Central Asian republics will increase to demonstrate the inability of the Taliban to ensure their security. In the future, we should expect more active infiltration of extremist elements into the territory of the post-Soviet space with the aim of carrying out terrorist attacks and sabotage.

The state of the energy system of southern Ukraine after Russian strikes: analysis of Rybar

The state of the energy system of southern Ukraine after Russian strikes: analysis of Rybar During a recent speech, Zelensky said that the situation with electricity in the Odessa region is one of the most difficult in the country. To solve the problem, the Kyiv authorities are even considering fantastic options (https://t.me/rybar/41601) for using Turkish floating power plants. In the light of such statements, it is possible to determine, by indirect signs, which specific objects of the Ukrainian energy infrastructure in the Odessa region were disabled during massive missile strikes.

Chronicle of a special military operation for December 1, 2022

🇺🇦 Chronicle of a special military operation for December 1, 2022 🔻Belgorod region: ▪️Ukrainian formations shelled the settlements of the Valuysky urban district, damaged residential buildings, the House of Culture and a kindergarten. ▪️The enemy attacked civilian objects in the village of Murom, Shebekinsky urban district, one man was injured. 🔻Kursk region: ▪️Ukrainian drone dropped an explosive device on the village of Tetkino, disrupted the work of the substation. There are no victims or injured. 🔻Starobelsk direction:

▪️There are no significant changes on the front line. In the Kupyansky sector, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing for another attack on the positions of Russian troops in the Kuzemovka area. ▪️In the Liman sector, the Ukrainian command, after several failed offensive attempts, makes up for losses and reconnoiters the positions of the Russian Armed Forces in the vicinity of Ploshchanka and Krasnopopovka. ▪️Artillery duels continue along the entire line of contact: Russian artillery hit enemy positions in Berestovo, Stelmakhivka, Druzhelyubovka and Torskoy. 🔻Soledar direction: ▪️In the Bakhmut sector, the Ukrainian command is gathering additional forces and is trying to stop the advance of the Russian Armed Forces. The 16th battalion of the 58th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was transferred from the Orekhov region. ▪️In the south of Bakhmut (Artemovsk), assault detachments of the Wagner PMC and units of the NM of the DPR are finishing the cleansing of the areas adjacent to Kurdyumovka. 🔻Luhansk People's Republic: ▪️The enemy fired rockets from the HIMARS MLRS at the civilian infrastructure of the city of Svatovo. 🔻Donetsk direction: ▪️Russian units continue to fight with Ukrainian formations dug in in the center of Maryinka. ▪️The enemy from cannon and rocket artillery shelled the settlements of the Donetsk agglomeration: civilian objects in Donetsk, Ilovaisk, Kashtanovy, Zaitsevo, Gorlovka and Golmovsky were hit. There are casualties among civilians. 🔻Zaporozhye direction (map (https://t.me/rybar/41617)): ▪️The Ukrainian command is building up the grouping of troops and is conducting combat coordination with formations that have arrived from the Kherson direction. ▪️At the turn of Poltavka - Malinovka, assault groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with the support of a "wandering" mortar, carry out attacks on the positions of Russian troops. Enemy drones are reconnaissance along the front line, and Ukrainian informants are monitoring the movements of the Russian army in the Russian-controlled part of the Zaporozhye region. ▪️Artillery of the RF Armed Forces hit the places of concentration of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Orekhovo, Novoandreevka and Gulyaipole. ▪️In the Zaporozhye region, another exchange of prisoners of war took place according to the formula "50 to 50". Among the fighters who returned to Russia are 12 servicemen from the DPR and 8 from the LPR. 🔻Southern Front: Kherson direction ▪️Russian artillery worked on enemy positions in Republican, Matrosovka, Chernobaevka, and also attacked targets in Kherson.

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Us carrier strike groups


Άμα σκοντάφτεις συνεχώς πας τελικά όπου σε τοποθετούν ...

Χατζηαναγνώστου Γιώργος
Το τι θέλουν τα ΜΜΕ να παρουσιάσουν σαν είδηση και το τι είναι πραγματικότητα είναι δυο τελείως διαφορετικά πράγματα.
Η 45λεπτη ομιλία Σισι κ Ερντογάν για αρκετούς απο τους δημοσιογραφους των ΜΜΕ θέλουν να το παρομοιασουν σαν την σχέση Ιορδανίας Ισραήλ.
Δυο τελείως διαφορετικές περιπτώσεις που τα ΜΜΕ ματαίως προσπαθούν να φτιάξουν κλίμα.

Η τόσο πολύπλοκη κατάσταση στην Μέση Ανατολή και η μεγαλομανία του Αιώνα της Τουρκιάς από μεριάς Ερντογαν που αποζητά την Ανατολική Μεσόγειο να γίνει Τουρκική λίμνη σκοντάφτει παντού.

Σκοντάφτει στον επίσης χρυσό Αιώνα της Κίνας, σκοντάφτει στην διαχείριση των υδάτινων πόρων του Ευφράτη, σκοντάφτει στην δεσπόζουσα στρατιωτική υπεροπλία των Ισραηλινών, σκοντάφτει στον γεωπολιτικό σχεδιασμό ενός καταρρέοντος κράτους όπως οι ΗΠΑ, σκοντάφτει στον κόλπο της Σύρτης με την Ρωσία να παρακολουθεί, σκοντάφτει στην Μουσουλμανική μειονότητα που επιδιώκει να ξεπεταχτεί. σκοντάφτει στην ΒP που εποφθαλμιά τα κοιτάσματα πέριξ της Κύπρου με Βρετανικό φλέγμα,, σκοντάφτει στην διαδρομή χάραξης εμπορικών δρόμων στο Σαχέλ, σκοντάφτει, σκοντάφτει σκοντάφτει.

Η Ελληνική εμπλοκή μέσω του συμπλέγματος του Καστελόριζου με καθολική και όχι μερική επήρεια όπως και να είναι δυσκολεύει τον σχεδιασμό του Σουλτάνου όχι τόσο γιατί η Ελληνική κυβέρνηση έχει λόγο αλλά γιατί η λαϊκή κατακραυγή και η πολιτική αστάθεια στην Ελληνική επικράτεια ευνοεί μόνο την Τουρκιά και οι παίχτες το ξέρουν.

Η δε Κύπρος σαν συνέχεια του Ελληνισμού έχει σκοπίμως αποδυναμωθεί σαν πολιτική οντότητα κ άγεται και φέρεται όπως και η Ελληνική κυβέρνηση όπου τις υποδεικνύουν οι παίχτες.

Εν τέλει ο κόσμος έχει ήδη διαμορφωθεί σε δυο σύνθετα σχήματα BRICS k ΝΆΤΟ και οι κομπάρσοι που αυτοπαρουσιάζονται σαν ηγεμόνες στην πραγματικότητα ο καθένας για τους δικούς τους λογούς προσπαθούν με πολυσύνθετους τρόπυς να σπρώξουν όσο μπορούν για να πάρουν θέση στην νέα Γιάλτα.

Οι εξοπλισμοί παγκοσμίως πυρετώδεις και οι διπλωματικοί αγώνες πάνω και κάτω από το τραπέζι μπροστά και πίσω από την κουρτίνα δεν αφήνει περιθώρια για χώρες χωρίς στρατιωτική ισχύ.

Ο Κλαουζεβιτς λέει στο βιβλίο του περί πόλεμου ότι Τα μετρήσιμα ή μαθηματικά στοιχεία του πολέμου δεν βρίσκουν «καμιά σταθερή βάση, πάνω στην οποία είναι δυνατόν να στηριχτούν» ακριβείς υπολογισμοί σχετικοί με την τέχνη του πολέμου.
Ο ανθρώπινος νους, ατελής πάντοτε κι επιρρεπής, είναι στο τέλος αναγκασμένος να στηριχθεί ψύχραιμα στον νόμο του υπολογισμού των πιθανοτήτων και να συνυπολογίσει οπωσδήποτε τον παράγοντα της τύχης – κι αυτό, φυσικά, είναι προτιμότερο από την πλήρη άγνοια και την απουσία θεωρητικών υπολογισμών και προβλέψεων. Όπως κι αν έχουν τα πράγματα, αιφνιδιαστικά, οι μεταβολές της τύχης, οι κακοτυχίες και οι καλοτυχίες, καθώς και η δράση ζωντανών δυνάμεων, μπορούν να κάνουν τον πόλεμο «μιαν ανθρώπινη δραστηριότητα που μοιάζει περισσότερο απ’ όλες τις άλλες με χαρτοπαίγνιο.»

Και σήμερα τα χαρτιά όλων είναι γνωστά, εκείνο που δεν είναι γνωστό είναι η μυστική διπλωματία που κανείς δεν την ξέρει, παρά μόνο εικάζει...
Ζούμε μια εποχή αλλαγών και αυτά που βλέπουμε στην εποχή της εικόνας και της πληροφορίας είναι αυτά που θέλουν οι έχοντες την νομή της εξουσίας και του πλούτου να δούμε.

Πολλοί οι μνηστήρες των υδρογονανθράκων στην Μεσόγειο.... τα κλειδιά τα έχουν οι όμιλοι οι πετρελαϊκοί είτε ανατολικοί είτε δυτικοί και οι μικροί παίχτες αγωνίζονται να πλασαριστούν.... γιατί όλοι οι δυνατοί θέλουν να σε έχουν υποταγμένο δηλαδή να σκοντάφτεις συνεχώς για να σε τοποθετήσου όπου θέλουν.....

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the Iranian approach to the modernization of aviation weapons

On the Iranian approach to the modernization of aviation weapons The conflict in Ukraine revealed problems in the Russian system of building the armed forces, when the necessary samples were sometimes purchased in piece quantities while spending heavily on useless projects (https://topwar.ru/184451-afera-perezapuskaetsja-pokazan-novyj-variant-patrulnogo- korablja-22160.html). Modernization programs for older products often either failed or did not lead to improved performance. Against this background, Iran contrasts, whose military-industrial complex was able to qualitatively increase the combat potential of the armed forces without massive purchases of expensive imported weapons systems. This is clearly seen in the example of aviation. 🔻What exactly did the Iranians do? In the face of sanctions pressure and a limited budget, the country took the path of significantly expanding the capabilities of old equipment. So, obsolete Su-22, F-4 or F-7 aircraft were equipped with Yasin guided high-precision bombs of their own production. ▪️Back in December last year, we gave an example (https://t.me/rybar/23184) of testing one of the modifications of this family during the Great Prophet-17 exercises. Now the range of manufactured shells has expanded significantly. ▪️The main variants of Iranian glide bombs are Balaban with a range of up to 25 km, as well as Yasin-1000 and Yasin-2000 with a range of 50 km. They are equipped with warheads of 100, 225, 300, 450 and 925 kilograms. ▪️Also, the military-industrial complex of the Islamic Republic launched into mass production the Yasin-1000ER and Yasin-500ER modifications with a range of about 150 and 200 km, respectively. Guidance occurs through inertial and satellite navigation systems. Now local engineers are working on introducing an active homing head into the bombs of the Yasin family. 🔻What does the example of Iran say? The products of the Iranian military-industrial complex clearly demonstrate the possibility of a significant increase in the combat potential of products through rational modernization. The focus on expanding and serial production of the range of precision-guided munitions made it possible to bring the aircraft of the 70s of production to a more or less modern level. The declared range of destruction of planning bombs of 50+ kilometers theoretically allows the old F-4 or Su-22 to strike bombs at targets at a considerable distance from enemy air defense detection areas. 🔻 Have there been similar works in Russia? Yes, but due to the lack of priority in such developments, they were slow, and there was no normal “running-in” of products in a combat situation. As a result, by the summer, the Aerospace Forces had planning bombs, but even now their number is not enough. But if vigorous activity in this direction had begun 10 years ago, then, perhaps, Russian 4++ generation bombers would not have had to throw ODABs from extremely low altitudes (https://t.me/rybar/38812), going under Enemy MANPADS.

On the resumption of the Tehrik-e Taliban military campaign against the Pakistani authorities

)🏴 On the resumption of the Tehrik-e Taliban military campaign against the Pakistani authorities The day before yesterday, November 28, the press service of the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) terrorist organization announced the end of the truce (https://t.me/rybar/33293) with the government of Pakistan and the start of an active military campaign against the country's authorities. TTP militants said that the Pakistani leadership deceived the expectations of members of the group and continued to conduct military operations against the Pakistani Taliban.

▪️Members of the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan are cunning: despite the declared ceasefire, the TTP militants themselves actively carried out sabotage and attacks on government troops. They either did not officially report this, or acted under a "foreign flag", using the banners of the TTP-affiliated "Hafiz Gul Bukhadur (https://t.me/rybar/37960)". Over the past week, Tehrik-e Taliban extremists have carried out at least 17 armed attacks on government forces. And in November there were more than 50 such attacks. 🔻What does this mean for Pakistan? In the short term, nothing will fundamentally change for the Pakistani government. The militants will continue incessant attacks, and the security forces will conduct counter-terrorist operations in the provinces bordering Afghanistan. However, in the future the situation in Pakistan may seriously worsen. Members of the TTP used periods of relative calm and the absence of large-scale operations by the Pakistani Armed Forces to strengthen themselves. Now the size of the organization has increased, and the weapons received after the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan have significantly increased the combat capabilities of the TTP. According to media affiliated with the Tehrik-e Taliban, the group's command plans to expand the geography of its activity in Pakistan by conducting sabotage in other provinces of the country. Previously, the radicals mostly acted only in the areas bordering Afghanistan. A full-scale military campaign against government forces is planned for 2025-2026. It is then that the leadership of the TPP plans to reach the maximum potential of its capabilities. 🔻What about the Afghan Taliban? The Internet is increasingly dispersing the thesis about the possible participation of the Afghan Taliban in operations in Pakistan. Against the backdrop of existing controversy regarding the Durand Line and militant nasheeds (https://t.me/rybar/35581) promoted by Taliban officials, this scenario is quite likely. Given the fraternal relations between the two groups, the Taliban leadership can easily turn a blind eye to the participation of their fighters in skirmishes under the banner of the TTP. And blurred borders and a common language are the perfect cover for covert assistance to Pakistani radicals. Tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan last week have already resulted in four (https://t.me/sputnikaf/17112?single) armed clashes on the border with the use of artillery at the Spin-Boldak and Kharlachi border crossings. At the same time, skirmishes between the military personnel of the two countries occur almost daily. ▪️Pakistani analysts link the activation of the TTP with the election of a new Chief of Staff of the country's Army (https://t.me/rybar/41478), General Asim Munir. Among his opponents was General Faiz Hameed, who was linked to the Taliban in many ways. He was the main negotiator and head of the delegation (https://t.me/rybar/34753) at several meetings in Kabul. It was after his removal (https://t.me/rybar/37105) from the peace process that the truce practically came to naught. 🔻 What are the prospects for the development of events? At present, there is no serious threat to Pakistan from TTP militants. Although members of the Tehrik-e Taliban have tried to take power in past years, they have not been successful. However, in the future, with the aggravation of the internal political crisis (https://t.me/rybar/40874) and the increase in the activity of ISIS terrorists and Baloch separatist groups, the situation may deteriorate sharply. And the futility of the process of demarcating the borders along the Durand Line and the lack of international recognition could cancel out the peaceful intentions of the Taliban and start a military campaign to expand south at the expense of Pakistan.

Chronicle of a special military operation November 30, 2022

Chronicle of a special military operation November 30, 2022 🔻 Border territories of the Russian Federation: ▪️Ukrainian formations attacked the village of Tyotkino in the Kursk region, damaged residential buildings. There are no victims or injured. ▪️AFU fired at civilian facilities in the village of Krasnoye, Belgorod Region, civilians were not injured.

▪️In the Bryansk region, a Ukrainian drone dropped ammunition on an oil storage facility in the Surazh district, a large fire broke out at the place of arrival.
In the afternoon, the enemy struck at the outskirts of the village of Suzemka, damaging power lines. There were temporary problems with the electricity supply in the village. 🔻Starobelsk direction: ▪️In the Kupyansky sector, Ukrainian formations carried out an attack on the positions of Russian troops in the Kuzemovka area, which ended in failure. ▪️At the Limansky sector, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made another attempt to attack in the direction of Krasnopopovka. Intense artillery fire drove the enemy back to their original positions. ▪️Artillery duels are taking place along the entire line of contact: the RF Armed Forces hit the concentrations of enemy personnel and armored vehicles in Druzhelyubovka, Krakhmalny and Berestovo. 🔻Soledar direction (map (https://t.me/rybar/41593)): ▪️In the Lisichansky sector, Russian units continue to clear the western part of the village of Belogorovka, and are also fighting for the village of Spornoye. ▪️In the Bakhmut sector, the Ukrainian command is preparing for the offensive of the Russian troops and is drawing up reserves, trying to prevent the front from collapsing. The transfer of additional forces is hampered by damage to the roadway. ▪️In the south of Bakhmut (Artemovsk), assault detachments of the Wagner PMC and units of the NM of the DPR are cleaning up the areas adjacent to Kurdyumovka. ▪️Ukrainian mortar crews of the 54th brigade and helicopters of army aviation are firing barrage at the areas of the offensive of the Russian Armed Forces in Andreevka, Opytnoye, Zaitsevo, the Soledar-Bakhmut highway. 🔻Donetsk direction: ▪️Motorized rifle units of the RF Armed Forces continue to fight fierce battles with the enemy in the center of Maryinka. Russian artillery strikes at the concentrations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the western part of the city. ▪️Ukrainian formations from rocket and cannon artillery shelled residential buildings and civilian facilities in Donetsk, Gorlovka, Kashtanovy, Mineralny, Yasinovataya and other settlements of the agglomeration. 🔻Zaporozhye direction: ▪️The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues to transfer manpower and armored vehicles to the line of contact, preparing for an offensive along the entire sector of the front. ▪️Russian rocket troops and artillery attacked enemy concentrations in Kamyshevakh, Primorskoye, Belogorye and Orekhovo.